As an employer, showing your ongoing appreciation to your staff may not be as easy as it sounds, but if you want to show your employees some appreciation for a job well done, we can help with onsite chair massage. Our therapists are trained professionals, with years of experience providing healthful, fun massage services in workplace, event and business environments.

Health-conscious employees enjoy the ability to get a chair massage, to get encouragement or bonuses for meeting health goals or to work out in the middle of the day. At the same time, businesses can benefit! Some programs reduce health insurance premiums, while many of them also provide the opportunity for tax write-offs.

Although not much data is available on the number or percentage of companies that offer massage therapy as a benefit, some industry experts say they think the numbers are growing.

It is a benefit for stress relief, and it feels good, not to mention it is a benefit that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money, and it gets a lot of good will from your employees.

Research on corporate massage has found the benefits that companies can reap by offering massage therapy to employees have reported a 25 percent decrease in time off for work-related injuries, and a $200,000 decrease in compensation claims after it implemented a massage therapy program.

People get tired, so the decision to offer them a massage in the office once a month in order to give them a little break increases their energy levels! On-site chair massage can increase employee morale and energize your staff!

People really look forward to that monthly massage. Give your employees something to brag about!  Contact us today to find out more information: 813.735.4872 or book quickly and easily online using MindBody! View available appointment and services, and book your next appointment conveniently online! Search Relax The Staff using the MINDBODY app.


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