In Florida we are very lucky to enjoy great weather most of the time! This is a huge advantage when compared to cold, dreary and rainy weather most states experience in the winter and colder months. Being in the “Sunshine State” helps most Floridians stay away from cold weather illnesses. While some people often still suffer from seasonal allergies, for the most part the sunshine does us all good! People should always take responsibility for their own health, but having an employee wellness programs can offer huge advantages!

A wellness program instills a support structure with employees, to help define a culture focussed on health. This might seem basic and many people may already consider themselves to be healthy individuals, however, many workplaces inadvertently place a focus on what isn’t healthy by default! It all begins with intentionally having a “work-life balance”.

Having a good work-life balance starts with mindset, as well as prioritizing exercise, mental health, and personal time. For individuals who already have a hard time prioritizing their health, having a work culture that encourages prioritizing healthy habits can offer that little extra that some need to finally take action. Offering a wellness programs can help those who many not already be balancing work and personal activities to further invest in themselves and their health on a regular basis. This promotes many advantages for both the employee and especially the employer! Here are some of the many benefits and advantages.

1. An Increase in Productivity

Healthier employees tend to be more focused, happier, and more confident! That means being more productive and less sick time used. Compared to workplaces without a wellness program that includes less productivity while at work and more sick time used. Wellness programs can show employees how having a good work-life balance can promote higher rates of productivity at work. Having more effort from every department no doubt results in higher overall company productivity.

2. Lower Overall Healthcare Costs

Having even a basic wellness programs can help lower individuals healthcare costs, but especially if your company also provides health insurance. A wellness centered company reduces the annual amount spent on individual employee health care, as well as negotiating discounts in group rates. In addition to saving on actual insurance rates, promoting a culture of wellness instead of working through illnesses instill an individual responsibility for each employee to do their part to stay well. Having a workplace that encourages wellness helps employees to manage their own health concerns before they become real problems.

3. Higher Employee Morale

As an employer, having an employee wellness program is a great way to show employees you care. Employees are more likely to feel appreciated, as well as staying more positive overall.

4. Tax Benefits

In addition to the discounts on health insurance and the overall higher performance rates, there are some very tangible financial benefits to having a wellness program. One of the biggest monetary benefit are the tax incentives. Without going into specifics, Florida employers could receive a financial benefit from your wellness program.

5. Added Employee Perks

When looking to compare workplace benefits, employees are more likely to choose positions that are aligned with their overall personal goals, as well as companies with a culture that cares. Employers who invest back into their staff have higher rates of retention and less turn around, keeping employee acquisition costs down. Potential new hires are more likely to choose a company with better perks like a wellness program, as compared to companies without. The more positive experience, the more staff retention. Many job seekers look for employers who are committed to the health of their employees.

A wellness program is a real opportunity for you and your employees to continuously make personal improvements. Our simple wellness programs can show that you care about the well-being of your staff, creating more loyal and more productive employees.

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