Relax the Staff: Workplace Massage

Relax the Staff Workplace Massage – Energize your Business and increase ROI in Minutes! Research shows that employees who receive massage regularly are happier, less stressed, more productive and concentrate better. They also feel rewarded, valued and appreciated.

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massagechairRecharge your Staff with Workplace Massage

Chair Massage at the Office

We travel throughout the Tampa Bay Area to provide professional chair massage. We bring therapeutic massage to you at your home, event, gathering or place of business. Nothing says ‘we appreciate your hard work’ better than treating your employees to relaxing, rejuvenating chair massage at the office! Our workplace massage is a fully clothed seated massage, concentrating on the back, neck, shoulders and arms, using portable ergonomic massage chairs. Most Workman’s Comp claims are back, neck and shoulder related! These brief energizing massages are can be as little as 7 to 12 minutes in duration, but can be any length desired. If you are a large business, we can have multiple therapists massaging at your workplace at the same time. All our therapists are trained seated massage, wear professional attire onsite and are fully qualified and insured in massage.

Benefits of Workplace Massage for your Staff:

Benefits of Chair Massage

It’s a fact. When chair massage is administered to office staff, it results in stress reduction, tension release and an increase in blood flow to the brain. This translates to improved performance, alertness and acuity. The benefits of chair massage are numerous.  Employees and customers love it because it’s an oasis of relaxation in their workday. Employers, meeting planners and managers love it because it’s a quick, cost effective and personal way to improve morale and increase an employee’s potential for productivity. No matter how you look at it, massage therapy in the workplace is a win-win.
  • Improves staff morale: convenient perk for the well-being of your staff! Workers consistently report improved mood and a greater sense of well-being after a session of chair massage.
  • Reduces mental stress, muscular stress and tension: Just 7-12 minutes of chair massage a week has been scientifically proven to lower stress, reduce muscle tension, and rejuvenate the mind and the body.
  • Increases productivity concentration: When employees are less stressed, they can focus better!
  • Reduces absenteeism: Because massage benefits the immune system, it can reduce absenteeism due to illness.
  • Increases staff retention: Because of the convenience, employees perceive onsite massage as a benefit even when they pay for the service themselves!
  • Improves occupational health & lowers healthcare costs: Regular workplace massage can reduce the need for doctor’s visits for many physical complaints and stress-related issues
  • Workplace Massage Is tax deductible

Benefits for your staff:

  • Convenient access to therapeutic 10 or 15 minute chair massage sessions during lunchtime and/or break time
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Relief of muscle soreness
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Increased resistance to illness
  • Treatment of repetitive stress symptoms
  • Convenient payment options.  Payments are made directly to massage therapist by cash, check, or PayPal

For Your Event:

Chair Massage at an Event or Party

The next time you’re planning an event, consider offering chair massage! We’ve been a huge hit at health fairs, holiday parties, retreats, and family events. So what’s the next event you want to include chair massage?
  • captivates audiences at trade shows and sales events
  • refreshes conference and seminar attendees
  • promotes loyalty by treating your customers and clients like VIPs

Gift Certificates:

Chair Massage Gift Certificates

Massage is a thoughtful gift that almost everyone appreciates. Great for birthdays, baby showers, thank you and holiday gifts, Mother’s or Father’s Day… or just a special present for someone needing nurturing and timeout for relaxation!